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Welcome to Bel Cantanti, an opera company within the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area devoted to giving performance experience to both seasoned and aspiring professionals. Between the beautiful singing and glorious music, you will find yourself thoroughly captivated.
"Bel Cantanti Opera continues to be one of the best kept musical secrets in the Washington area."

"The future of opera as fun rather than spectacle or museum piece, lies with such groups as Bel Cantanti Opera."

Washington Post
"Bel Cantanti… reaffirmed the belief that we are living in a golden age of opera and the hope that opera in America has a promising feature. Bel Cantanti … makes the special magic of opera happen.”
Washington Post
“… an absolute delight for opera aficionados and the perfect opportunity for timid newbies to be surprised at just how much fun opera can be.”

Washington Times
"Bel Cantanti Opera has emerged as a great showcase for area talent."

Arlington Weekly News TV
"Bel Cantanti…shows a serious, focused orientation, high ambition and significant potential."

Washington Post


 Summer Festival

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Bel Cantanti Opera and Catholic University of America Joint Summer Music Festival 2011

Faculty and Guest Artists

Katerina Souvorova: BCO director, producer, opera coach; Rick Christman: voice technician; Fabiana Bravo: voice lessons, Sharon Christman: voice lessons, Francois Loup: Comic acting, characterization (La Cenerentola), Henriette Lund: German diction, coachings, Rogger Riggle: Art of the Make up, Debbie Grossman: stage director, Julia Mintzer: stage director, Giovanni Regioli: Italian Bel Canto, James Siranovich: vocal coachings, Joel Ayau : vocal coachings, accompanist, Nicholas Catravas: rehearsal pianist, coach, David Ballena: coach, accompanist, Kayme Henkel: coach, accompanist, Katerina Souvorova: Russian Diction.

Mission of the Festival

Members of Bel Cantanti Opera company strongly believe that giving a chance to young singers to develop their talent makes a big difference in the future of Opera.

Our mission was greatly understood and supported by late critic emeritus of the Washington Post, Joseph McLellan, who wrote:

"As often as I have enjoyed rich costumes, elaborate scenery, spectacular stage effects and a virtuoso orchestra in opera productions from Vienna to San Francisco, I keep coming back to the idea that the voices are what matter the most, the reason that people choose to go to an opera rather than a spoken play that is likely to come across with more clarity and logic.
Next to voices, I would put acting skills: the ability to portray character and tell a story while singing, usually, in a foreign language.

Opera Bel Cantanti reaffirmed my long-held belief that we are living in a golden age of opera. And my hope that opera, specifically opera in America, has a promising future. Bel Cantanti is not prominent among America's thousand-plus opera companies, and perhaps never will be. But it makes the special magic of opera happen."